Closing the loop on bread crates

Closing the loop on bread crates  Background A vital cog in GWF's supply chain are our bread crates. The humble bread crate is a fit for purpose plastic crate that is designed to transport a loaf of bread from the bakery to the retailer’s shelf. The crates interlock and can stack upwards of ~2.2 meters, to allow for millions of baked products to be distributed to supermarkets and all our retail partners nationwide. Once in a supermarket our bread crates double also as a merchandising solution. The bread crates are designed to easily slide in and out of the racks. This improves efficiencies in restocking empty shelves, reduces manual handling and ensures that our [...]

August 5th, 2021|Sustainability|

Keeping kiwis favourite bread brands in stock throughout Covid-19

Keeping kiwis favourite bread brands in stock throughout Covid-19 George Weston Foods is taking steps to ensure that Kiwis are still able to buy their favourite bread as families across the country face down COVID-19. After an initial round of panic buying left some stores short of bread recently, George Weston Foods responded by assuring its own supply lines and adjusting its production to produce more of its most popular lines: Tip Top®, Ploughmans® and Bürgen®. “The rush to purchase bread reminded us all of the one simple truth that sits at the heart of our business: bread matters,” says Mark Bosomworth, General Manager Baking Division, George Weston Foods (NZ) Limited. “Bread means home. Bread [...]

March 26th, 2020|Press Releases|