Our Brands

If you would like further information on any of our products, you can phone our Consumer Information Centre on 0800 847 867, or click on the brand links below.

Tip Top Bread

Tip Top® Bakery has been nourishing Kiwi families with our fresh bread for generations. We bake an extensive range of white, wholemeal and grains breads, along with burger buns, long rolls, muffins and delicious fruit bread. From crunchy toast at breakfast, to a sandwich packed with nutritious fillings for lunch or a gourmet burger for dinner, we have something to make every meal Tip Top®.


Ploughmans® is an uncomplicated bread, crafted in the traditions of a simpler time, when the world was a little slower and we took time to appreciate the things that were most important to us. Take a moment to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with a hearty slice of Ploughmans®. Bread made the way it should be.

Bürgen Gluten Free

Bürgen® was first conceived over 30 years ago on a genuine and beautiful ideal – to be the best tasting, and most wholesome bread around. Over the years many things have changed but one thing remains true – our wish to make delicious tasting wholesome bread that’s enjoyed by happy, healthy people. Each deliciously moist loaf is baked using our unique combination of wholegrains and wholesome ingredients. Enjoy the goodness of Bürgen® every day to help maintain good health and wellbeing.

Bürgen Gluten Free

Bürgen® Gluten Free offers a modern, fresh and delicious range of breads that are both gluten and dairy free. We guarantee our products are all made in a purpose-built gluten free bakery, separately from other products that contain gluten.

Golden Crumpets

Golden® is one of New Zealand’s favourite brands. The brand is known best for its Golden® Crumpets and pikelets.

Big Ben

At Big Ben®, we’ve been wrapping things in pastry, then eating them for over 47 years. And not to blow on our own pie or anything, but we reckon we’ve got pretty good at it. You know why? Because we at Big Ben® are what you call pie-oneers. When we create something delicious, we don’t just call it a day and pat ourselves on the back. We figure out how to make it better. Then we eat it. And that’s how we’ve done things since 1969. So, we hope you’re hungry, because this pie-train ain’t stopping any time soon.